Fog & Frustration

As I woke up to a cold and misty morning, I couldn’t wait to head outside with my camera. I haven’t used my new camera since coming back from Australia so the excitement of a foggy Saturday morning well and truly thrilled me. Rivington is lovely. Full of trees and views which provided the perfect winter setting for me and my camera. The fog was heavy as it filled the burnt hills in front of us and the sharp wind at the peak made things difficult to bare – but it was worth it.

I’ve been finding things difficult lately; this time of year gets the better of most people. I’ve been going through a spell of mixed emotions; feeling incredibly confused, anxious, lost and full of frustration. I always expected that coming home after an out of touch year of travel would be difficult, but I never expected to feel so up in the air as I currently do.

Maybe I’m impatient or perhaps I’ve been too spoilt for the past year, but no matter how hard I try to sugarcoat my inner feelings, those emotions aren’t going away. When you’re away from home experiencing unordinary things, you lose touch of reality and finding my way back into that world and bursting that bubble around me has been a real struggle. I still have no idea what I’m doing, what or who I want to be or how I’m going to get there. At 23 years old I thought I’d already have a basic idea of those things. 



5 thoughts on “Fog & Frustration

  1. I understand you pretty well and being much older than you. I’m also now inactive for few weeks, as always when doing my 6 month checkup, it is like the energy can only concentrate on one issue. I should go out with my camera and reunite with my beloved Pla de la Calma highlands but I can’t for the time being. We have to be patient, wait, drishta Dharma sukka viharin, dwelling happily in the present moment.

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