My Top Tips for Planning Your Year in Australia

Finding the cheapest flights and ensuring you’re applying for the right visa in the right place can a little overwhelming. Personally, I had no idea where to look, I didn’t know what price was considered good or bad and there are so many websites that claim to offer you the right visa for the best price. Equally, there are so many websites offering all kinds of advice on where to go and where to look, so I decided to narrow it down to the basics to those in a similar position!



  • I chose to use ‘Immi’ and as stupid as it sounds, considering it’s the official Australian Government border protection website, I had no clue about it. 
  • First, create your account and apply for a First Working Holiday Visa (417). This allows you to work and holiday during your stay in Australia for up to a year from when you enter the country. 
  • When applying, you will need your debit/credit card and your passport and 15 to 20 minutes to spare. Your visa entitles you to leave to and from Australia multiple times during the validity of your visa. It cost me 440.00 Aus Dollars to apply, which worked out at around £261
  • After you apply it can take a few days or a few weeks to receive your outcome, however I received an email almost straight away telling me my visa had been granted. All of your visa details and your grant letter will be emailed to you and will be shown when logging into your Immi Account.
  • I would also recommend downloaded MyVEVO (above). This app will summarise your visa, including your expiry date, work entitlements, your Immi card number, visa grant number and more.



  • First of all, decide when you want to go. We chose November as it’s the beginning of summer in Australia, and it also gave us enough time to save up our spends for when we go over there.
  • Who are you flying with? We chose STA Travel as they offer you many of the available flights on the day you wish to travel, from the lowest prices to the highest. My one way ticket cost around £460 flying economy with Ethiad.
  • Once booked, email STA Travel if you have any flight preferences, i.e window seats, extra leg room etc.
  • Our flight takes us to Abu Dhabi with a stop over of 2 hours, before flying out to Brisbane
  • Once everything is booked, I would highly recommend downloading the STA Travel app. There you will find your flight itinerary at the bottom of your page when you log in (see above). This provides you with all of your flight information such as flight times, terminals, your aircraft, ticket number as well as any changes to your flight.



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