Hiya & Welcome Back!

Hiya & Welcome Back!

Well this post has been long overdue… sorry about that! I’ve been itching to get my first post out for months and I’m so excited I’m now able to share this new chapter with you all. Truth is, travelling seriously got in the way of blogging (internet in Australia is pretty woeful), and it made it difficult to stick to any form of schedule or to even find the inspiration to sit down and type. I wanted to have a quick chat today about what the plans are, what I’ve been up to, and reveal what’s to come over the next couple of weeks!

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My Top Tips for Planning Your Year in Australia

Finding the cheapest flights and ensuring you’re applying for the right visa in the right place can a little overwhelming. Personally, I had no idea where to look, I didn’t know what price was considered good or bad and there are so many websites that claim to offer you the right visa for the best price. Equally, there are so many websites offering all kinds of advice on where to go and where to look, so I decided to narrow it down to the basics to those in a similar position!

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